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Apple Home App setup

HomeKit is the protocol for smart home devices secure communication to each other. And the beauty of it is that all HomeKit compatible devices can be managed from one application on the phone – Home by Apple. One app to manage it all means less mess and less frustration for opening the right app to unlock the door or to turn on the lights. All HomeKit enabled devices can be controlled by voice with Siri.

It is recommended (I even would say it is mandatory) to have Apple TV gen3 or gen4 at home for remote access to HomeKit devices. Apple TV as a bridge for HomeKit is good not only for remote access. If some gadgets, for example August smart Door lock or Elgato Eve thermometer works over Bluetooth and does not have dedicated bridge – they can automatically connect to Apple TV by Bluetooth and to be ready for access from anywhere.

To begin with Home setup, open Home app on iPhone.

On Welcome Home screen tap Get started. And the app is ready.

Until you add firs HomeKit device, there is none of settings of Home app available. Even rooms can’t be added to Home, while its empty.

Let’s add our firs accessory – August smart lock.

Enabling device use HomeKit usually requires launching the app from its manufacturer and enable HomeKit support here. For this, open August app on the phone, navigate to settings, and select HomeKit Settings.

Select Enable HomeKit

The app will ask do you want to add lock to existing home or want to add a new HomeKit Home.

As I preconfigured my home by opening Home app and selected Get started, I want to add this lock to My Home.

Next screen asks to add accessory to room. As this is first room in Home app, select “Add a New Room”

Enter the name for room and continue.

In the next screen app uses camera and you have to take a photo of locks or other accessory HomeKit pairing code. This code is easily accessed of located in the package of device.

And done.

Now the first device is present in Apple Home App.  And you can get HomeKit notifications when the door is locked or unlocked. Also, now then device is added to Home App, you can control lock with Siri.

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