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Measuring air quality

Air quality at home is important, as important humidity and temperature. To measure it all i am using Netatmo Healthy Home Coach. It is smart indoor air quality monitor, which is easy to install and intuitive to use.  It can measure temperature, humidity CO2 levels and noise level.

Setup is very easy. Just as with all smart devices, follow setup instructions in its app and add it to Home.

When setup is complete, you get all important information about the air quality in room in one screen. And the app tells you condition of overall air quality, which consist of all four component.

If you need detailed information, there is graphs with full history.

When HomeKit support is enabled, there are 4 new devices in Home app.

But only one of them is available for automation. It is Carbon Dioxide sensor. You can create automation with it, for example: When Carbon Dioxide sensor detect high level of carbon dioxide – turn on ventilation.

From my experience i can say it is quite good air quality monitor. As it is connected to 220V power, you don’t have to change batteries. It connect to Wi-fi – no problems with bluetooth range. All the sensors are very precise. I am happy with it.

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