Shelly Plug S


The Shelly Plug S is made to fit into a standard power socket and works on 230V.
The Shelly Plug S is the most intelligent Wi-Fi power outlet on the market today. It automatically controls lighting,
heating and any other connected electrical appliance.
It allows you to manage electrical supplies with power up to 2500W (12A), and to receive information about the
consumption at the same time.

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• Power Supply 230V ±10%, 50/60Hz AC
• Plug Type Shelly Plug S is compatible with all type F and type E power sockets
• Up to 2.5 KW controlling power
Maximum load current per output is 12A / 230V 50/60Hz or 2500 W, allowing you to control a wide range of home appliances and office
• Power Metering. Shelly has an integrated precise power meter. You can measure the overall consumption of all the electric devices you are controlling.
• Embedded WEB Server. You can access your Shelly Plug S through any internet-capable device, anywhere in the world!
• Scheduling. You can set the on/off time on a weekly basis

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