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Smart Door Lock

Smart home can’t be smart without smart door lock. Door has to unlock simply by walking to it with your phone in the pocket. I think that one of the best for it is August Smart Lock. It is compatible with HomeKit, easy to install and is reliable. This Smart Lock does not require to change your lock. If lock is standard deadbolt, it is easy to retrofit. From outside any part of door lock is not changed and can be operated by key. In the inside smart lock replaces thumb turn.

Door lock from outside and inside before.

Door lock from outside and inside after.

So, to begin installation unpack August Smart Lock. In the box we have August Smart Lock, mounting plate and adapters.

To mount smart lock the thumb turn needs to be remove. Unscrew its screws and remove it.

At first look it is clear that tail piece on which adapter need to be mounted is too long and too wide to fit adapter. So, need to remove it and to modify it. Unscrew the screws of tail piece and remove it. Be careful, because they hold key cylinder on the other side. After removing screws key cylinder will fall down, so be ready to catch it.

Removed tail piece with key cylinder.

After some measurement and some grinding the tailpiece is modified to fit the adapter. On the top of photo how tail piece looked before grinding, and in the bottom – after.

Mount the modified tail piece back, only change the thumb turn with August Smart Lock mounting plate.

Mount the lock on its mounting plate.

And the last step is to put in the batteries. For this remove faceplate of lock, which is held by the magnets.

After lock is in place it is time to open August application on phone and to configure smart lock.

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